The FPAA’s philosophy
is Pan African and non-partisan
• Accountability • Transparency • Excellence
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Foreign Press Association Africa
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Professionalism and creativity in journalism

Our specialized teams lead in professional and creative journalism working in Africa and in the diaspora.

We provide unique creative news by bringing journalist across the globe together.


We make sure all major news interactions across Africa are well represented from Print, to radio from TV to web.


We provide access and accreditation to a wide variety of events in Kenya and Africa.


Journalism is what maintains democracy. It's the force for progressive social change.

The Foreign Press Association, Africa, FPAA is a Pan African organization registered and domiciled in Kenya under the Societies Act as a non-profit membership organization for all journalists covering Africa for the international media in Africa and in the diaspora.
Its members include bureau chiefs, editors, producers, stringers, reporters, photojournalists, video journalists, correspondents, cameramen, communication specialists, higher institutions of learning and other media professionals.
The FPAA’s philosophy is Pan African and non-partisan

Journalists Rights
Journalists Rights
Fight for the rights and protection of all journalists working and covering Africa for the international media.

We are well represented in Africa and across the globe.

We are the leader in advocating for an objective, balanced and fair coverage of Africa, ensuring a conducive working environment for all journalists working for the international media in Africa, fighting for the rights and protection of these journalists working on the continent as well as providing a platform to facilitate and enhance regular cutting-edge trainings, fellowships, internships and scholarships for professional competence

Broadcast Media

We broadcast our latest news and newsletters through Television & radio stations

Print Media

We write, advertisement and publish our content on newspapers and newsmagazines to raise awareness.

Membership Training

We bring all Foreign press Association Africa members for pre-planned annual training.

Video Media

We create interesting and interactive videos on Youtube and social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Live Streaming Media

We do live streaming of major events and annual conferences like the Launch of FPAA,

Digital Media Integrity

We provide Media integrity through our FPAA Values: Honesty, Integrity, Accuracy, Accountability, Transparency & Excellence


Board Members

We have team of highly effective and workaholics individuals that give there all for the betterment of the organization.

Kennedy Wandera
Chairman (Kenya)
Kennedy Wandera
Sophie Mokoena
Vice Chair. (South Africa)
Sophie Mokoena
Douglas Okwatch
Secretary. (Kenya)
Douglas Okwatch
Ruth Nesoba
Chair, Financial Oversight Committee. (Kenya)
Ruth Nesoba

We don't like to brag, but we're changing foreign press media

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